HelenI found out about Compass from someone I met through a retreat who suggested I look on the Compass website. I decided to apply to come on Compass because I had had experienced a calling to serve the Lord, in particular I had heard a call to live my life as a single, celibate person. This had stayed with me for a year but I was unsure as to whether I was called to live my life as a single person in the world or whether I was called to life as a religious.

I have found Compass very important in my discernment process. It has been great to journey with other young people who are also looking into religious life and have similar questions. I have enjoyed the course and it has enabled me to find the answer I was searching for. The sessions that we have done together, the people we have met from various orders and prayer time have been very helpful. It has been a supportive and encouraging environment, without being prescriptive in the way you should discern, or in the way you should go. It has allowed me the freedom to grow in the past year and discern my calling.

After an amazing and prayerful holy week and Easter at Worth I feel that I am called to a life in a religious order. I am at present investigating various Franciscan orders and my next step is to start enquiring and visiting some of them.