Frequently Asked Questions

How would Compass help me?

You will be able to explore and experience the religious vocational life, to help you find out if it is for you, while continuing with your current work or studies. You will benefit from the companionship of other young people who, like you, are exploring the call of God in their lives. Experienced leaders will guide you and your companions.

How do I discover if Compass is for me?

Send an email to explaining briefly why you think that Compass would be helpful to you. One of the leaders will then get in touch with you.

Can I afford to join Compass?

We will discuss with you what financial contribution, if any, you should make to cover the costs of your involvement. The cost will not prevent anyone participating.

When should I express my interest in the Compass programme?

If you are interested in taking part in the course, which begins in October each year, please register your interest from March onwards.

If I need further information, whom should I contact?

Please send your enquiries to: